WIESHEU news 1 2017

Joahnnes Rave

Joahnnes Rave

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends of WIESHEU, Dear Employees,

Almost all sections of this issue of WIESHEU news deal with the technical innovations from the WIESHEU development department, and these will be presented to our customers in this bundled form for the first time at a trade fair, the EuroShop in Düsseldorf.

Besides the Südback, the EuroShop is the most important trade fair for WIESHEU this year. We traditionally serve two target groups: bakeries and the food retail trade. While the Südback, together with the highly international iba, is more and more becoming the leading trade fair for the bakery sector in Germany – and increasingly also beyond Germany – in our sector, the EuroShop mainly serves the food retail trade.

When WIESHEU specialised in in-store baking ovens in the eighties, the classical baker was the primary standard. This specialisation proved successful for WIESHEU, and also proved interesting for the food retail trade when it began to deal with the topic of in-store baking. Our in-store baking ovens proved equally convincing in both segments. For the specific requirements of the food retail trade, WIESHEU will show the future of in-store baking at the EuroShop – no more and no less.

The future of in-store baking in the food retail trade will follow three trends: the first reduces the time the staff hast to attend to the oven, and simplifies the operation of the ovens significantly.
The second trend is the continuous improvement of the baking results. And the third trend is the refinement and expansion of the product range: There will be other, additional bakery products, particularly in the snack sector, which also make higher demands on the in-store baking ovens in which they are baked. WIESHEU can cover all three trends with the innovations from the WIESHEU Research and Development Department: TrayMotion is an automatic loading system that is unique on the market. It covers the first trend and the same time the second, in that it saves the staff from having to cover long distances. At the same time it perfects the baking results, because the bakery products do not have to wait until the operation staff finds time to take them out of the oven.

The ProClean365 self-cleaning system, the first truly fully automatic system in the industry, also serves the category “Saving time and human resources”. The new Wtouch control unit resembles the interface of a smartphone and can thus be operated intuitively. IBC (Intelligent Baking Control) detects the amount loaded in the oven as well as the thermal status of the bakery products, and calculates the baking time and the required energy – this also helps to optimise the baking results and at the same time saves energy. We look forward to welcoming our customers to our exhibition stand so that they can see for themselves. We hope that all others will enjoy reading this issue!

Johannes Rave

Head of Brand Strategy and Marketing

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