Portrait WIESHEU

Principles and successful growth

Since its introduction in the late 1990s, in-store baking has developed from a pure stage-setting
of the baking procedure to a production and presentation process.
WIESHEU has not only been part of this process but has long been proactive in formulating its
development. Our idea of promoting the growth of our customers through innovative products, by
producing the best baking quality and making them directly accessible to the consumer has
created powerful purchasing momentum. The basic function of an in-store baking oven,
namely the production of a very good baking result in the smallest space, has now become
the expected minimum standard. Today the man/machine interface, its adaptability and its
functions, both in the trade and in the food retail sector, are all becoming increasingly important.
Through our creativity and awareness of market requirements we will now be moving down new
paths in order to develop new functionalities to open up further scope for our customers to grow.
Based on this approach, we have developed profitably since 1973 in order to become the
leading in-store baking company in Germany with an important international presence. Behind
this success are our people who embody a value-oriented corporate culture.
WIESHEU commits to wider society by complying with social welfare standards and aligns itself to
the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) which was developed as part of the European
Foreign Trade Association. WIESHEU also extends this commitment to its suppliers.

WIESHEU in Wolfen

WIESHEU Wolfen GmbH was founded in eastern Germany by WIESHEU as an additional production plant on 1 September 1991.
The production of grilling and disposal equipment was started with five employees initially on the premises of the former photographic film factory of Agfa (Orwo) in Wolfen (Saxony-Anhalt).
Today, of a total of 100 employees. In the meantime, WIESHEU Wolfen has become an important assembly site for our deck ovens, the Minimat series and the provers.
The Wolfen location perfectly rounds out the variety of products and the wealth of experience within the entire company through its optimised and top-quality production of individual equipment items and stations. In addition, this WIESHEU location has also been distinguished since 1998 as a company that has been certified by TÜV Rheinland.
In addition, Wolfen is seen by our customers and business partners in the northern and eastern German states as an ideal location for seminars.
Along with Großbottwar, the modern training room that is equipped with the very latest WIESHEU ovens superbly complements the range of seminars that are offered.