WIESHEU GmbH Annual Results 2015


Affalterbach, 25 January 2016 – Corporate strategy adjustment.
WIESHEU is responding to lower demand in the German domestic market and in international markets with internal structural measures and technical optimisations.

After ten years of continuous revenue growth, in the last year WIESHEU paused for breath. The market leader for in-store baking ovens, WIESHEU GmbH closed the 2015 financial year with revenues of €104 million. Johannes Rave, marketing manager of WIESHEU, attributed the revenue decrease to the roll out, now complete in Germany and in the big regions of Europe, of in-store baking ovens to the food retail trade which has contributed greatly to the revenue increases of the last few years.
For WIESHEU this development was not unexpected and therefore the reduced order receipts gave rise to the opportunity to undertake long-planned technical modifications and optimisations on the various baking ovens. The first results were presented at iba. In particular the completely reworked new generation of the premium Dibas model, Dibas blue, received a positive market response. This may have contributed to significantly increased order receipts towards the end of the year. This led WIESHEU’s managing director, Volker Groos, to make a confident forecast: “Despite these positive trends which are also extending into the new year, we are planning sensibly. More important than revenue volume is the result and the achieved quality level that will continue to guarantee WIESHEU its leadership position in the in-store baking oven market. We have now put a range of measures in place to ensure these two aspects and we will continue to drive these forward this year.”

WIESHEU GmbH was founded in1973 by Karlheinz and Marga Wiesheu who were pioneers in establishing in-store baking with innovative and high-performance ovens. Today the company has 480 employees. The company head office and management functions are located in Affalterbach where the Dibas and Euromat product ranges are also manufactured. Ebo deck ovens and the Minimat range are produced in Wolfen where the provers are also assembled. Every year WIESHEU produces over 10,000 in-store baking ovens across its two locations. In Germany as the established market leader for innovations in the in-store baking sector, WIESHEU has also had international success with quality “made in Germany”. With service partners across Europe and also in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, the USA and the United Arab Emirates, WIESHEU is meeting customer needs across the world and also offers a nationwide service network in the represented countries.