Wtouch controllers


WIESHEU presents intuitive and networked oven controllers
• Customisable user interface
• Multi-touch functions resembling smartphones
• Easy user authorisation management

Affalterbach, 28th September 2016. Swipe, scroll, zoom. At südback 2016 WIESHEU is presenting its new oven controller which uses the familiar operating haptics and logic of mobile devices. The innovative Wtouch combines intuitive use with its customised authorisation management and a direct integration into the customer’s IT structure and organisational processes. The new oven controller saves the user time and minimises the learning period for the user. This in turn further optimises the operating costs for in-store baking. The new controller will be available from spring 2017, initially in Dibas 64 blue M, then later in the build sizes S and L and also for the Ebo-series.
WIESHEU’s mission is to make in-store baking even easier and therefore more efficient for both operators and users. This WIESHEU innovation will first be apparent to the user via the seven inch touch display which functions like smartphone or tablet – and even when wearing hygiene gloves. Made from toughened glass the touch display is particularly shatter-proof and resistant to fat, oils and cleaning agents.
The functional scope of the user interface is limited by the oven equipment set and the configuration can be customised for the user. Reflecting its ease of use and customised authorisation management function, only the usage options, functions and information that are required are displayed. Photos and pictograms of the baking programs can also be integrated.
Whereas it is important for on-site operators to control and operate the baking process as efficiently and as safely as possible, bake off managers and bakers are offered considerably more programming, control and data usage options. The new oven controller also includes functionality whereby, in addition to baking according to programs, experienced users have options to adapt programs during baking or to bake manually.
In addition to the customised configuration, the flat menu hierarchy means it is easy to use – especially for new and semi-skilled staff. A maximum of 3 clicks takes the user where he wants to go which in turn saves time during its introduction and prevents operating errors. The controller and the user authorisations can also be programmed centrally and then implemented on all connected devices via the Wnet networking software. This ensures the implementation of standardised processes, a consistent baking quality at all sites and also saves time, and above all, costs.
The connection to peripherals via standards such as Digital-I/O, LAN, floating contacts and USB are becoming more and more important to branch operators enabling them to integrate the baking process into the communications with other systems and the organisation process in the branches. The new WIESHEU oven controller has a modular, interface design which means that the type and number of interfaces can be configured individually and complex connections can be achieved at the best possible cost.

WIESHEU GmbH was founded in1973 by Karlheinz and Marga Wiesheu who were pioneers in establishing in-store baking with innovative and high-performance ovens. Today the company has 480 employees. The company head office and management functions are located in Affalterbach where the Dibas and Euromat product ranges are also manufactured. Ebo deck ovens and the Minimat range are produced in Wolfen where the provers are also assembled. Every year WIESHEU produces over 10,000 in-store baking ovens across its two locations. In Germany as the established market leader for innovations in the in-store baking sector, WIESHEU has also had international success with quality “made in Germany”. With service partners across Europe and also in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, the USA and the United Arab Emirates, WIESHEU is meeting customer needs across the world and also offers a nationwide service network in the represented countries.