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Lower costs – more efficiency and comfort

WIESHEU Dibas blue2: new generation of in-store baking ovens.

WIESHEU has set the benchmark for in-store baking ovens with the Dibas 64 blue – especially with the door that slides inwards. The pioneer and market leader for in-store baking is now presenting the new generation. The Dibas blue2 saves up to 15% energy* compared to the Dibas 64 blue, reduces the baking time and the new ActiveSteam® steaming system optimizes the baking result. In addition, the extended basic equipment with electric door mechanism, full-touch control and automatic cleaning system ProClean increase work efficiency and ease of use.

With the new Dibas blue2, WIESHEU is also presenting the sensor-controlled ActiveSteam® steaming system for the first time. The technology combines the advantages of the tube and cascade steaming variants previously offered in terms of heating-up time, baking result and energy consumption. The ActiveSteam® steaming system reduces the heating-up time by around 10 minutes compared to cascade steaming. This means that the baking process can be started much more quickly if required, and the baking temperature is also reached more quickly in stand-by mode.

The system combines the latest fan and sensor technology with many years of expert knowledge of air flow and steam generation. The rapid generation of rich steam allows for more effective heat transfer to the baked goods. This shortens the baking time and reduces energy consumption. The result: evenly baked goods with a visible shine.

The Dibas blue2 is optionally available with the Intelligent Baking Control (IBC). The baking parameters are automatically adjusted to the load quantity and the thermal condition of the baked goods. This guarantees constant quality and optimal energy utilization - even with partial utilization.

The Dibas door is the first and so far the only oven door that slides into the housing from the side. This avoids injuries when loading and also saves time and space. The thermodyne pane of the Dibas door protects against heat loss and reduces energy costs. Due to the low heat emission, the oven door is not heated and thus avoids unpleasant burns.

Longitudinal insertion also reduces heat loss when loading and unloading. The new Dibas blue2 is optionally available with the TrayMotion loading system. The automated loading process saves effort and time.

With the Dibas Blue 64, the Wtouch control was offered as an option, with the new generation the color display with full-touch function is part of the basic equipment. The needs of the various user groups are adapted by means of simple user rights management. Optionally, the control can be networked via the WIESHEU software Wnet.

In addition to simple operation, easy cleaning is an essential criterion for users. The automatic self-cleaning system ProClean together with the rounded baking chamber guarantees a very good cleaning result. The ProClean365 self-cleaning system is available as an option. The compact cleaning unit is connected to the back of the oven and is only topped up with cleaning agent during annual maintenance.

WIESHEU offers the Dibas blue2 in the variants S with 4/5 metal slots, M with 6/7 metal slots and L with 8/10 metal slots. In addition to the glossy stainless steel version, the Dibas is also available in the BackLine version in matt black. In combination with the Ebo deck oven and the proving cabinet, the variants enable a wide range of options for equipping the baking station.

*compared to the Dibas 64 blue with an active cascade, depending on the baking behavior