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Cobots make things easier

New: WINNOVATION BAKERS-FRIEND offers support for bakeries

Producing bread and other baked goods requires trade skills as well as process knowledge and efficient use of machines and appliances. Together with the responsible persons at the bakery, the experts at WINNOVATION analyse processes and develop solutions to increase efficiency or make work easier for employees: BAKERS-FRIEND is one of the first mobile cobots for bakeries and production.

BAKERS-FRIEND is integrated into existing production environments as a collaborative robot (cobot) without safety fences and works directly together with the employees. The cobot has a load capacity of 20 kg and takes on highly strenuous, monotonous tasks to support the health of employees while leaving qualified personnel time for more complex tasks.

WINNOVATION integrates the appropriate camera and sensor technology for teaching and executing the tasks. The teaching process requires no programming knowledge. Work sequences are saved using drag-and-drop on the tablet.

Press release: Cobots make things easier