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Revolution: AI controlled in-store baking

WIESHEU presents bakisto concept study for stores

Lack of staff, rising energy costs, fluctuating quality, rigid production plans and losses from unsold baked goods present challenges for companies with multiple branches. The bakisto concept study is the answer to these challenges. Together with partners, WIESHEU presents an AI controlled, automated baking process in a transparent bakery – completely without employees. All work steps are integrated, from tray handling and baking to presentation and removal at the point of sale.

The automated process using the Dibas blue2 convection oven with the TrayMotion loading system ensures constant quality and freshness of the baked goods. Oven operation supported by a cobot requires significantly less personnel, while the intelligent stock measurement noticeably reduces the workload of the employees. The AI controlled, demand based baking scheduling significantly reduces out-of-stock situations as well as food waste.

The cobot from FANUC fetches the trays loaded with the goods to be baked from the chiller and slides them onto the transport trolley that is positioned on rails in front of the preheated oven. The TrayMotion loading system pulls in the loaded trays so the baking process can start. After baking, the trays are pushed back onto the transport trolley which is moved to the side. This allows the baked goods to cool down and makes room for the next batch.


Press release: Revolution: AI controlled in-store baking