WIESHEU Baking Ovens

With its future-oriented solutions WIESHEU has developed all possible dimensions for “in-store baking!” to perfection, whether for convection or deck ovens, classic or space-saving with intelligent door systems, extra-large or extra-compact. With functional peripherals and technical innovations
we offer you reliable, high-performance in-store baking stations which are easy and safe to use and which attract customers into the store and win them over with excellent bakery products.

Dibas blue – The innovative convection in-store baking oven with the door that slides sideways into the housing

The Dibas is the flagship in our system of baking ovens. It is the result of … more

MINIMAT – The high-performance convection in-store baking oven with a minimal space requirement

Although it is the “baby” in the WIESHEU World, it still impresses with its … more

Euromat – The classic convection in-store baking oven with a wide range of options

Euromat is the classic convection baking oven with sideways slide-in. It combines modern technology with a … more

Ebo – The deck oven for traditional baking

Ebo’s different heights and sizes of baking chambers (145 mm, 195 mm or 2 × 125 mm) provide the space required for a wide range of baking varieties … more