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Ebo – The deck oven for traditional baking

Ebo’s different heights and sizes of baking chambers (145 mm, 195 mm or 2 × 125 mm) provide the space required for a wide range of baking varieties and volumes. Ebo 128 has
chamber heights of 145 mm and 195 mm and is available in the two designs of stainless steel and nostalgic.

Ebo produces impressive baking results, because top and bottom heat, steaming and the coated slab give the bakery product the perfect crust, a beautiful shine and the ideal volume.

68 and 86) and the insulated baking chamber ensure minimum radiated heat and thereby reduce energy and climate control costs in the store.

Ebo is easy to care for as the patented door cleaning is easy to use. The door can be easily adjusted without loosening one single screw so that the inside of the pane is easily accessible for cleaning. At the same time the big, clean glass door ensures the perfect backdrop for your fresh bakery products in the oven.


Ebo 64 S / M / L

Product Sheet  Ebo 64 S / M / L

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Ebo 68 S / M / L

Product Sheet  Ebo 68 S / M / L

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Ebo 86 S / M / L

Product Sheet  Ebo 86 S / M / L

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Ebo 128 S / M

Product Sheet  Ebo 128 S / M

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Did you know …

that Ebo multi-level ovens can be individually combined with Dibas convection ovens?

Example for a Dibas Ebo Vario composition