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Intelligent Baking Control IBC

Automatic load detection.

IBC detects the current load volume and the thermal condition of the loaded baked goods, then automatically adapts the baking parameters of the ongoing baking program. This ensures you have constant baking results, regardless of the number of baking trays or the temperature of the raw goods. Available for the Dibas blue, E3 and Euromat convection ovens.


Product characteristics and special features:

  • Better and consistent quality
  • Energy-saving
  • Easier operation
  • A consistent baking result with a different number of trays
  • Dried-out bakery products and excessive browning due to excessive temperatures in underloading are avoided
  • Bakery products remain fresh for longer due to the optimum temperature curve during the baking process
  • Compared to a standard device without IBC, the calculated potential saving is about 8%
  • Easier operation increases reliability and saves time
  • Underload buttons and part-load baking programs have been removed Only one baking program is required for each product group

Consistently good baking results with IBC