WIESHEU news 2 2017

Joahnnes Rave

Joahnnes Rave

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends of WIESHEU, Dear Employees,

2017 was a year of great changes for WIESHEU. On the one hand, we had and still have to meet the challenge of our relocation. We know that this will help us and that we will be able to set up our production processes more effectively on a suitable surface area. We also know that “Copy & paste” doesn't work! When someone relocates his household, he also thinks about all of the rooms and how he will adapt them to his way of life in the new apartment. This means that every department, every surface area in production and administration has to be critically examined and structurally optimised. And what is more: we moved and are still moving with ongoing production, for the transfer of base production will take place in the next few days as the final stage.

Let us call it the “Curse of the good deed”: this year, WIESHEU has made great progress, and our customers also perceived this as such and placed their orders accordingly. The EuroShop in Düsseldorf, where we were present with the slogan “The future of instore baking”, was one of the most successful trade fairs in our history, and we are truly convinced that we will also be able to put our future-related slogan into effect.

As well as TrayMotion, our automatic loading system, we must also mention our new fully automatic cleaning system ProClean365, which we shall be presenting in this issue and which takes the pressure off our customers for a whole year. Despite the challenges, there was also plenty to celebrate: the anniversary of our second plant in Wolfen, our summer party at the new location – and our sports-minded colleagues also had plenty of opportunities.
We wish you pleasant reading!

Johannes Rave

Head of Brand Strategy and Marketing

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