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Focus on customers: new organizational structure

Pascal Hautecouverture new Head of Sales and Marketing.

Pascal Hautecouverture has headed the Sales and Marketing division of WIESHEU GmbH since August 1, 2021. In this function, the 34-year-old is a member of the extended management board. He is also associated with a stronger focus in sales and marketing on the bakery trade as well as the development and expansion of new market segments. “Our new structure is organized around our customers and their needs in order to support them with products and services in the best possible way. As head of the team, Pascal Hautecouverture brings extensive experience and knowledge from the industry to the table,” explains Marcus Gansloser, Managing Director of WIESHEU GmbH.

The new division manager is directly responsible for international sales activities and key account management. National sales have been managed by Achim Hermanns since September 1, 2020, and Ingrid Mann has been responsible for internal sales since October 1, 2020. Application technology, marketing and product management are headed by Julia Rümmele-Hauser. "We are a dynamic team that focuses on the quality of the customer experience in all areas and develops it into a benchmark," emphasizes Pascal Hautecouverture.