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More value and added value

Atollspeed 300H Easy: Getting into the snack business made easy.

Warm snacks increase the value and added value in the snack business. In order to be able to offer these in high quality, as freshly as possible and yet with a longer standing time, the snack experts at Atollspeed recommend presenting them chilled if possible. The hybrid technology makes it possible to offer the snacks very quickly, crispy on the outside and warm on the inside - without the product quality of fresh ingredients suffering. Atollspeed has developed the AS 300H Easy model for the snack business with warm baked snacks. Due to the energy-efficient connection value of the 230 volt connection, the small footprint and the integrated catalytic filter, which does not require an exhaust air system, this is the economical entry into the warm snacks business. This means that baked goods, bowls and burgers can be prepared warm very quickly.

In order to make the snack business successful, the snack experts at Atollspeed offer support in designing the range, selecting ingredients, calculating and filling snacks, presenting them and producing them in the hybrid oven. "There are many success parameters in the snack business with warm snacks - the quality of the snack is decisive for the customer and for sustainable success," says Torsten Exß, Business Development Manager at WIESHEU, Atollspeed's sales and service partner in Germany. He recommends offering chilled products with a high degree of convenience and preparing them warm in the hybrid oven after ordering.

Atollspeed is one of the pioneers of hybrid oven technology. This combines the positive properties of impingement technology with microwave technology. With impingement technology, nozzles direct a high-velocity stream of air onto the food to be cooked. The impact heat generated according to the food and the desired degree of browning and crispiness can be precisely programmed. In combination with microwave technology, the technology enables even browning and crust formation and thus ideal roasting and baking results. With the HotSpot plate, which is available as an accessory, grill marks appear on the underside when regenerating paninis, toasts and wraps – without the product losing volume. The topping instructions in the Atollspeed Snack Guide also show how lettuce stays fresh and crisp with baked snacks.

The duration, intensity and temperature of the impingement and microwave technology during the cooking process can be individually controlled in five phases and saved as a program. Up to 100 programs can be programmed individually and 24 programs can be called up immediately as favorites on the first menu level. Programming is made easier by the pre-installed programs for common snacks. Alternatively, data can be read in with the USB connection. The intuitive operation and the visual display on the 7-inch screen guarantee process reliability that is sure to succeed and protected against confusion – even in high-frequency times.

The Atollspeed 300H's integrated catalytic filter offers multiple benefits. This results in no costs and no structural changes are necessary for an external exhaust air system. Despite this, no unwanted odors or flavors are transferred to the cooking chamber or the environment during the cooking process. The catalytic filter is self-cleaning and almost maintenance-free.

The cooking chamber made of smooth, high-quality stainless steel and without any protruding fittings is particularly hygienic and easy to clean. The cooldown mode actively cools down the cooking chamber after use.

In contrast to a warm presentation, snacks do not dry out as much when presented chilled, have a higher degree of freshness, and they can also be offered with fresh ingredients in the snack in a sales-promoting and appetizing manner. Compared to regeneration in a deck oven or in a conventional convection oven, the hybrid oven technology reduces the cooking time by up to 20 times and avoids unwanted drying out.

In addition, operating the Atollspeed is significantly more energy-efficient than regenerating in a multi-deck or hot-air oven. This only requires a 230 volt connection. The high-quality insulation reduces energy consumption and radiated heat.