WIESHEU news 2 2018

Joahnnes Rave

Joahnnes Rave

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends of WIESHEU, Dear Employees,

In this second issue of WIESHEU news there are two focal points. The first one is obvious, the second one only reveals itself at second glance.
It is obvious that a company in the baking industry will focus on the iba this year, as it is presumably the most important trade fair in our industry, and takes place in Munich every three years.
This also means: if a participating company cannot show anything new or relevant in an iba year, it will have to wait another three years. And of course WIESHEU has also waited this long to present the latest innovation in in-store baking oven technology: the E3.

During the development of this oven, one question was in the foreground in our development department: what does the oven of the future look like? Key aspects here are: what does it have to do? What is mandatory, what is optional? Energy efficiency is a must. Decent cleaning should also be obligatory. The extras are versatility in positioning the oven in different environments or lighting that does more than put the product in the right light. Find out more about the E3 in the iba article and of course in the next issue of WIESHEU news.

The second focal point is one which is never at the forefront, but which is still a central theme throughout the WIESHEU news: training! Training is the big issue in our industry, not only in our own company. Bakers are desperately looking for young people who want to be trained. Some bakery branches are not opened although everything is there: the room, the shop fittings, the ovens – just no staff. It is therefore no coincidence that WIESHEU has been a premium partner of the BakerMaker Award for years now – more about this in the relevant report. The mechanical engineering industry is also struggling to find trainees. WIESHEU is involved at many levels in its efforts to make itself interesting for trainees. There is, for example, the cooperation with SLW, the “Schüler-Lebens-Werkstatt” (Student- Life Workshop), in which students can take a comprehensive look at the WIESHEU company. This is being joined by further projects. And in this issue, for the first time, we also want to introduce our current trainees personally.

And now, literally to conclude, a statement on my own behalf. My time at WIESHEU is coming to an end. I look back with pleasure on the positive experience I have gained in the last few years here and the friendly colleagues I have met. It is not easy for me to say goodbye – but I do know for certain that my successor is a highly respected colleague: Julia Rümmele, who is now responsible for Marketing and Product Management, bringing the two divisions together into one. I am sure that this position is in the best of hands with her – this also applies to the WIESHEU news, which is now within her area of responsibility. I wish all my colleagues, and especially her, all the best! And I wish you, dear readers, interesting reading, Merry Christmas and of course a happy and satisfying New Year.

Johannes Rave

Editor in Chief, WIESHEU news

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