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News from the world of WIESHEU

Focus on customers: added value with ideas

WIESHEU expands support / David Goralski first customer advisor

WIESHEU is expanding support for customers in the bakery, C-Store, mass catering, hotel and system catering sectors. In addition to the application consultants and the area sales managers, customer advisors support the companies on site. The first account manager has been working in the north since February 1: David Goralski. "With the qualification of the customer advisors, WIESHEU offers real added value in the further development of our customers," explains Pascal Hautecouverture, Head of Sales and Marketing at WIESHEU.

The increasing energy and raw materials require efficient baking processes and the production of baked snacks, as well as creative ideas for the further development of the range. The customer advisors provide information on the functions and care of the ovens in order to use the potential and regularly check the most important device parameters. When using the ovens in combination with the high-speed oven Atollspeed, the customer advisors will advise you on the production, calculation, presentation and recipes of baked snacks.

David Goralski is characterized by many years of experience in product and application advice in the catering trade and with bakers. Most recently, the 45-year-old worked for Le.Picant Feinkost, Transgourmet and METRO. The new WIESHEU customer advisor has completed training as a cook and as a trainer.

Lower costs – more efficiency and comfort

WIESHEU Dibas blue2: new generation of in-store baking ovens

WIESHEU has set the benchmark for in-store baking ovens with the Dibas 64 blue – especially with the door that slides inwards. The pioneer and market leader for in-store baking is now presenting the new generation. The Dibas blue2 saves up to 15% energy* compared to the Dibas 64 blue, reduces the baking time and the new ActiveSteam® steaming system optimizes the baking result. In addition, the extended basic equipment with electric door mechanism, full-touch control and automatic cleaning system ProClean increase work efficiency and ease of use.

With the new Dibas blue2, WIESHEU is also presenting the sensor-controlled ActiveSteam® steaming system for the first time. The technology combines the advantages of the tube and cascade steaming variants previously offered in terms of heating-up time, baking result and energy consumption. The ActiveSteam® steaming system reduces the heating-up time by around 10 minutes compared to cascade steaming. This means that the baking process can be started much more quickly if required, and the baking temperature is also reached more quickly in stand-by mode.

The system combines the latest fan and sensor technology with many years of expert knowledge of air flow and steam generation. The rapid generation of rich steam allows for more effective heat transfer to the baked goods. This shortens the baking time and reduces energy consumption. The result: evenly baked goods with a visible shine.

The Dibas blue2 is optionally available with the Intelligent Baking Control (IBC). The baking parameters are automatically adjusted to the load quantity and the thermal condition of the baked goods. This guarantees constant quality and optimal energy utilization - even with partial utilization.

The Dibas door is the first and so far the only oven door that slides into the housing from the side. This avoids injuries when loading and also saves time and space. The thermodyne pane of the Dibas door protects against heat loss and reduces energy costs. Due to the low heat emission, the oven door is not heated and thus avoids unpleasant burns.

Longitudinal insertion also reduces heat loss when loading and unloading. The new Dibas blue2 is optionally available with the TrayMotion loading system. The automated loading process saves effort and time.

With the Dibas Blue 64, the Wtouch control was offered as an option, with the new generation the color display with full-touch function is part of the basic equipment. The needs of the various user groups are adapted by means of simple user rights management. Optionally, the control can be networked via the WIESHEU software Wnet.

In addition to simple operation, easy cleaning is an essential criterion for users. The automatic self-cleaning system ProClean together with the rounded baking chamber guarantees a very good cleaning result. The ProClean365 self-cleaning system is available as an option. The compact cleaning unit is connected to the back of the oven and is only topped up with cleaning agent during annual maintenance.

WIESHEU offers the Dibas blue2 in the variants S with 4/5 metal slots, M with 6/7 metal slots and L with 8/10 metal slots. In addition to the glossy stainless steel version, the Dibas is also available in the BackLine version in matt black. In combination with the Ebo deck oven and the proving cabinet, the variants enable a wide range of options for equipping the baking station.

*compared to the Dibas 64 blue with an active cascade, depending on the baking behavior


More value and added value

Atollspeed 300H Easy: Getting into the snack business made easy

Warm snacks increase the value and added value in the snack business. In order to be able to offer these in high quality, as freshly as possible and yet with a longer standing time, the snack experts at Atollspeed recommend presenting them chilled if possible. The hybrid technology makes it possible to offer the snacks very quickly, crispy on the outside and warm on the inside - without the product quality of fresh ingredients suffering. Atollspeed has developed the AS 300H Easy model for the snack business with warm baked snacks. Due to the energy-efficient connection value of the 230 volt connection, the small footprint and the integrated catalytic filter, which does not require an exhaust air system, this is the economical entry into the warm snacks business. This means that baked goods, bowls and burgers can be prepared warm very quickly.

In order to make the snack business successful, the snack experts at Atollspeed offer support in designing the range, selecting ingredients, calculating and filling snacks, presenting them and producing them in the hybrid oven. "There are many success parameters in the snack business with warm snacks - the quality of the snack is decisive for the customer and for sustainable success," says Torsten Exß, Business Development Manager at WIESHEU, Atollspeed's sales and service partner in Germany. He recommends offering chilled products with a high degree of convenience and preparing them warm in the hybrid oven after ordering.

Atollspeed is one of the pioneers of hybrid oven technology. This combines the positive properties of impingement technology with microwave technology. With impingement technology, nozzles direct a high-velocity stream of air onto the food to be cooked. The impact heat generated according to the food and the desired degree of browning and crispiness can be precisely programmed. In combination with microwave technology, the technology enables even browning and crust formation and thus ideal roasting and baking results. With the HotSpot plate, which is available as an accessory, grill marks appear on the underside when regenerating paninis, toasts and wraps – without the product losing volume. The topping instructions in the Atollspeed Snack Guide also show how lettuce stays fresh and crisp with baked snacks.

The duration, intensity and temperature of the impingement and microwave technology during the cooking process can be individually controlled in five phases and saved as a program. Up to 100 programs can be programmed individually and 24 programs can be called up immediately as favorites on the first menu level. Programming is made easier by the pre-installed programs for common snacks. Alternatively, data can be read in with the USB connection. The intuitive operation and the visual display on the 7-inch screen guarantee process reliability that is sure to succeed and protected against confusion – even in high-frequency times.

The Atollspeed 300H's integrated catalytic filter offers multiple benefits. This results in no costs and no structural changes are necessary for an external exhaust air system. Despite this, no unwanted odors or flavors are transferred to the cooking chamber or the environment during the cooking process. The catalytic filter is self-cleaning and almost maintenance-free.

The cooking chamber made of smooth, high-quality stainless steel and without any protruding fittings is particularly hygienic and easy to clean. The cooldown mode actively cools down the cooking chamber after use.

In contrast to a warm presentation, snacks do not dry out as much when presented chilled, have a higher degree of freshness, and they can also be offered with fresh ingredients in the snack in a sales-promoting and appetizing manner. Compared to regeneration in a deck oven or in a conventional convection oven, the hybrid oven technology reduces the cooking time by up to 20 times and avoids unwanted drying out.

In addition, operating the Atollspeed is significantly more energy-efficient than regenerating in a multi-deck or hot-air oven. This only requires a 230 volt connection. The high-quality insulation reduces energy consumption and radiated heat.

Challenges mastered with commitment

WIESHEU looks to the new year with cautious optimism

The corona pandemic, the shortage and cost increases in raw materials and electronic components presented WIESHEU GmbH with major challenges in 2021. “With great commitment, the employees ensured that production ran despite the adverse conditions and that the services could be provided almost to the full extent. We are grateful that the customers have shown great understanding for the situation," emphasizes Marcus Gansloser, Managing Director of WIESHEU GmbH. He rates the business development as satisfactory. The forecasts of the market research institutes, which see a slight increase in sales of baked goods and snacks in 2022, make those responsible at WIESHEU cautiously optimistic for this year.

The Corona pandemic not only affected production planning, but also meant that an anniversary could not be celebrated: the 30th anniversary of the Bitterfeld-Wolfen site. "The employees in Wolfen played a key role in WIESHEU's success story," says Marcus Gansloser, Managing Director of WIESHEU GmbH. And further: "We developed very well in Wolfen and in Großbottwar".

WIESHEU GmbH is a pioneer and market leader in baking at the PoS in Europe. In order to be able to offer customers combined solutions from a single source for the growing importance of snacks, the hybrid ovens from Atollspeed have been sold in Germany since January 2021 and in Austria since July 2021.

Pascal Hautecouverture, Head of Sales and Marketing at WIESHEU since August 1, has high hopes that the concepts and products from WIESHEU and Atollspeed can be presented to customers at trade fairs such as INTERNORGA and Südback following the restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic.

Pascal Hautecouverture new Head of Sales and Marketing

Pascal Hautecouverture has headed the Sales and Marketing division of WIESHEU GmbH since August 1, 2021. In this function, the 34-year-old is a member of the extended management board. He is also associated with a stronger focus in sales and marketing on the bakery trade as well as the development and expansion of new market segments. “Our new structure is organized around our customers and their needs in order to support them with products and services in the best possible way. As head of the team, Pascal Hautecouverture brings extensive experience and knowledge from the industry to the table,” explains Marcus Gansloser, Managing Director of WIESHEU GmbH.

The new division manager is directly responsible for international sales activities and key account management. National sales have been managed by Achim Hermanns since September 1, 2020, and Ingrid Mann has been responsible for internal sales since October 1, 2020. Application technology, marketing and product management are headed by Julia Rümmele-Hauser. "We are a dynamic team that focuses on the quality of the customer experience in all areas and develops it into a benchmark," emphasizes Pascal Hautecouverture.

WIESHEU GmbH is donating EUR 10,000 to the "Bäcker helfen Bäckern" aid campaign, which supports bakeries in need after the floods in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia.

“With our donation we support the great aid campaign. This is an example of real solidarity in the bakery trade and the entire baking industry," emphasizes Marcus Gansloser, Managing Director of WIESHEU GmbH. In addition to the donation to the "Bakers help bakers" aid campaign, WIESHEU endeavors to provide rapid on-site assistance in replacing and repairing ovens.

By the end of July, the Central Association of German Bakers had collected over one million euros in donations for the "Bakers help bakers" campaign. According to the association, EUR 5,000 each will be paid as emergency aid to the bakeries affected by the flood disaster. The fundraiser and the “Flood Bread” sales campaign will be continued.

WIESHEU is expanding its product portfolio in Germany with the high-speed ovens from Atollspeed.
On January 1, 2021, WIESHEU GmbH started sales activities for the Atollspeed high-speed oven in Germany. Our sales team is the point of contact for the entire Atollspeed portfolio, the range of accessories and all questions relating to the perfect snack. With hybrid technology, we are expanding our market expertise and offering you the ideal complement to the WIESHEU in-store oven.
We are therefore following the ongoing market trend "from baker to snack" with the strong brands WIESHEU and Atollspeed!
Feel free to contact our sales team! We will inform you in detail about the possibilities and opportunities for your company, partners and interested parties.
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We look forward to receiving your inquiries.